utah midweek mtb mini enduro ladies race vlog

YouTube Video: Midweek MTB Ladies Mini Enduro Race

Welcome back to a racing edition of the NACFORADVENTURE YouTube channel.

This week, I join the gals as we do our first race of the season at one of our favorite mountain bike areas.

My goal for this mini enduro race was to beat my time from last year… which (spoiler alert) I end up completely surpassing.

A huge shoutout to Grip It Gloves for sponsoring my race, as well as Midweek MTB and Women MTB for putting together this awesome ladie’s event. I had a blast riding and hanging out with all my favorite gal pal riders, and I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend the summer solstice.

So what do you think… should we do the next one?

Your nacforadventurer and gal that usually doesn’t like to go fast,



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