updated levitate trail report corner canyon utah trail

YouTube Video: MTB Session – Updated Levitate Trail (Bigger Gaps!)

Every time I ride Levitate, it has a sign that says “bigger gaps”. I haven’t noticed much difference in the trail… until this ride.

I heard that a trail building troupe had gone through since our first ride and built up lips, made bigger gaps, and overall, improved the trail… and boy, were they right!

From the start, I noticed a gap drop. This acts as a squirrel trap to let the riders know the skill required for the complete trail. While it was manageable, it was one of the biggest differences in the trail.

In addition, the jumps in the upper section (shortly after splitting from Vertigo trail) were quite a bit bigger, which turned the tabletop jumps into more of a gapped jump. While it is not a complete gap, there is an obvious knuckle that you want to clear.

Most of the jumps after this section were similarly sized, but were shaped and clean.

Enjoy the latest update from the Levitiate trail and see you out there!

Your nacforadventurer and gal that likes to Levitate,



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