big lines and big inspiration, a red bull formation photo essay

Big Lines and Big Inspiration: A Red Bull Formation Photo Essay

I had the chance to experience the magic of Red Bull Formation, and I can’t even begin to describe how incredibly inspiring it was to watch all the women support each other to reach their goals.

The vibe at the venue was just pure love and stoke, and I hope that the photos I shot help capture how insane the lines were, as well as showcase what happens when women come together to progress. Not only in the mountain bike sport, but also in other fields such as photography and videography.


Diggers like Brooklyn Bell working hard to form the huge lines.
The backdrop at Red Bull Formation
Louise Ferguson on ta double drop at Red Bull Formation
Louise Ferguson getting some air at Red Bull Formation
Behind the scenes with Christina and Kat at Red Bull Formation
Zone 2
Inspecting Red Bull Formation Lines From the Top with Katie Holden
Dropping in from the top at Red Bull Formation 2022
  • Flora and fauna at Red Bull Formation
Walking up to the venue
Micayla Gatto spreading the good vibes.
The jump that Robin Goomes would backflip at the bottom of her final run.
Robin Goomes riding the top ridge.
Robin Goomes and Vero Sandler hiking the ridge all the way to the top .
Things got dusty and windy while Hannah Bergemann dropped from the top.
Media capturing the lines at Red Bull Formation.
One of the guinea pigs dropping in at Red Bull Formation
One of the guinea pigs dropping in.
The majority of the behind the scenes team at Red Bull were women, including photographers like Alexa Christensen
Camila Nogueira sessioning her double drop, which would help earn her the “spiciest line award” in her final run.
Georgia Astle riding a shelf at Red Bull Formation
Vero Sandler hitting a huge drop on her line in Zone 1.

Hannah Bergemann sessioning one of the drops on her line.
Vaea Verbeeck riding the ridge. Unfortunately Verbeeck had to pull out of the final ride day due to an injury sustained on the second day of riding.
Robin Goomes dropping into the snake pit in zone 3.
Spectators watching Chelsea Kimball go off a jump.
The beautiful scenery surrounding the 2022 Red Bull Formation venue
Vinny Armstrong sending her drop on the center ridge.
Camila Nogueira resetting to session her drop into the snake pit .
Camila Nogueira dropping into the snake pit at Red Bull Formation
Camila Nogueira celebrating her successful drop into the snake pit.

Sam Soriano taking on the steep and deep terrain at Red Bull Formation.
Robin Goomes adding in a whip to the lower trick jumps.
Casey Brown, Hannah Bergemann and Camila Nogueira checking out their lines from mid road.
Pascal Sapunar, a Red Bull rep from Chile, capturing the event.
  • Robin Goomes impressive no-handers at Red Bull Formation
Gals supporting gals
Hannah Bergemann dropping in from the top of the venue at Red Bull Formation
A moment between Casey Brown and Hannah Bergemann after testing their lines.
Diggers reforming a drop in Zone 1 after the second ride day.
Vinny Armstrong hitting the her hip to ridge feature for the first time.
The moment after Vinny Armstrong hit the hip for the first time.
Standing underneath a line in Zone 1
Media crew like Connor Winton working hard to capture and tell the story of this amazing event.
Hannah Bergemann lacing a drop on her top to bottom run on the final ride day at Red Bull Formation.
Louise Ferguson on the double drop in Zone 2. She shared some of the line with Camila Nogueira.
Camila Nogueira speeding past on her way into the snake pit.
Riders and their teams scoping out the venue on the final ride day.
Haz Burbidge- Smith dropping into her line in Zone 3
Casey Brown on the first of the three drops on the Triple Threat feature.
Casey Brown on the first of the three drops on the Triple Threat feature.
Robin Goomes on her top to bottom run at Red Bull Formation
Chelsea Kimball riding along the ridge on her top to bottom run
Sam Soriano hitting a gap into the snake pit
Sam Soriano hitting a gap into the snake pit
Casey Brown sending it on Triple Threat
A new friend at Red Bull Formation

All photos captured by by yours truly using a 24-70 mm lens and a 100-400 mm lens.

Your nacforadventurer,



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