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#NACFORADVENTURE Spotlight: Addy Jacobsend

After a year hiatus, I thought we would get back to some #NACFORADVENTURE spotlights. And it couldn’t be a more perfect time to showcase one of my favorite female skiers that I had the privilege to hang out and ski with alot over this season: Addy, who you’ve may seen on socials as “Addy Jacobsend

She ‘s a die-hard skier that has a knack for big mountain sending and bringing technical skills to the hill.

I met Addy through the wonderful world of TikTok, so make sure to give her some love as she’s spreading good vibes to women in the outdoor space.

In the meantime, let’s learn a little more about her:

addy jacobson/ jacobsend skier girl #nacforadventure spotlight

Getting To Know


Addy Jacobsend


I am currently living in Park City, Utah.

Favorite Outdoor Activity

Skiing is my favorite outdoor activity (but mountain biking is a close second).

Favorite Indoor Activity

Playing games with friends or family! I especially love Phase 10.

If you could describe the last year of your life in one word what would it be?

Incredible! I have had so many amazing opportunities come my way in the last year. I was able to travel, make new friends, and have so much fun!

addy jacobson/ jacobsend skier girl #nacforadventure spotlight
Addy and I got the chance to hang out together the 2021/2022 season while on set of the Wildhorn ski movie, Always Home (premiering Fall 2022)


What’s the coolest place you’ve ever been to?

My favorite place to visit is Crested Butte Colorado! The mountains are insane, the people are the amazing, it is insanely beautiful, and the mountain biking trails are so sick!

What piece of gear do you always have to bring on a trip?

Hats and beanies are essential for managing crazy adventure hair. 2. Merino wool base layers for skiing and/or camping. My favorite are Kari Traa. 3. My Kula Cloth for going pee on the side of the road or in the backcountry. (Ladies if you don’t have one yet you NEED one)

Who are some of your adventure buddies?

I always love skiing and mountain biking with a rad crew of lady shredders! But, my husband Mason is my #1 adventure buddy.

Roadtrips or Flights? 

Road-trips! That way you can bring all the gear and see beautiful places along the way.

What is your go-to hike or trip destination?

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, Crested Butte Colorado is THE BEST. I am also a huge fan of camping and riding bikes in Virgin Utah!


What’s something you do to minimize your environmental impact? It can be the smallest thing or the biggest thing? 

I am passionate about Leave No Trace principles and love teaching others about LNT.

What’s the coolest item that you have ever thrifted and what made you get it?

I thrifted a purple vintage ski suit and I love it!

More Get To Know:

What is your favorite drink?

Spindrift sparkling water is elite.

What’s something that we would never know about you by just looking at your social media?

I love sprinkles! On donuts, Ice cream, cookies etc. It’s honestly a personality trait at this point.

Are you a night owl or an early bird?

Early bird! My bedtime is 10:30 and I hate staying up later than that lol

What’s the dumbest way you have been injured?

I sprained my ankle in high school while trying to ride my bike standing up with my eyes closed 😂

What’s your favorite podcast and why?

Big Stick Energy on the Out of Bounds collective! I am the guest on episode 17. Go check it out.

Special thanks to Addy for her time and effort in this #nacforadventure interview! Check her out on Instagram @addy_jacobsend and TikTok @addy_jacobsend, and follow along all her ski and bike adventures!

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Read more here about the #nacfoadventure spotlights if you have questions , or feel free to contact us!

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