Birthday Spring Ski Day At Brighton Resort

YouTube Video: Birthday Spring Ski Day At Brighton Resort

Welcome back to the NACFORADVENTURE YouTube!

This week, we headed up to Brighton Resort in Big Cottonwood Canyon for a quick afternoon of skiing on a brisk day. Our goal was to hit the four major lifts: Crest, Snake, Great Western, and Millie, plus a few extra laps through the Majestic, Peewee and My Oh My terrain parks.

Join us as Nic describes Great Western, I play in the park, and we enjoy a beautiful (but cold) day on the hill. It was the first time in a long time that Nic and I have just had a solo couples shred, and it was fun to have a not-so-serious day of skiing around!

Does the audio quality sound different? Let me know if you noticed a positive change in the sound, as I recently got the MediaMod for the GoPro 10 that I use for action vlogging! Comment on the YouTube video below or leave a comment on the blog.

Thanks for watching!

Your nacforadventurers and ski couple,

AJ and Nic


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