6 day puerto rico vacation vlog with waterfalls, rope swings, paddleboarding, cliff jumping,

YouTube Video: 6-Day Puerto Rico Work/ Vacation Vlog

Fun fact: Nic and I had never travelled on a plane together in 6 years of dating.

But now, we can finally say that we have flown together, and it couldn’t have been a more perfect trip.

We worked a little. We played alot. And we even got a couple nice new souvenirs for ourselves.

While staying in Isabela, Puerto Rico, we were able to adventure around the U.S. Territory and see everything from waterfall coves to rope swings at watering holes to soft sand beaches and rocky oceanside cliffs. We found stalactites and stalagmites underneath the surface and crystal blue water offshore.

Enjoy a little look into our first tropical vacation and get excited for more trips down the road.

Your nacforadventurers and fiancés,

AJ and Nic

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