YouTube Video – Van Rental Tour For Our Ski Roadtrip

Hello and welcome back to the latest installment of the NACFORADVENTURE YouTube channel.

This week, we are headed out to Colorado for a week long escapade of van life-ing, skiing, and enjoying time with friends. We’ve had a Copper Mountain ski trip planned out for a while, but we also decided to add Crested Butte to the list to help our videographer friend Marcus with a video that will showcase our experience using the van rental.

In this week’s YouTube video, we share a little van tour of the Mercedes Sprinter van we will be driving into Colorado, as well as document what we’re bringing along on the trip.

Thanks so much to VanCraft for reaching out to us and giving us the opportunity to live out our van life dreams for the week. Check them out if you need a van rental out of Denver, San Diego, and (coming soon) Salt Lake City.

Stay tuned for more videos, photos, and follow along with us on our February ski roadtrip!

Your nacforadventurers and part-time van lifers for the week,

AJ and Nic


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