woman changing snow tires youtube video

YouTube Video : Changing My Snow Tires and Getting Ready For Winter

Welcome back to the latest installment on the NACFORADVENTURE YouTube channel.

This week was another learning experience, but a little different than last week.

The latest big winter storm just hit the Wasatch, and it was time for me to switch my tires to my studded snow tires so that I can drive a little more safely in snowy weather.

Plus, I needed to put my ski rack on so my skis would stop taking up my entire back seat whenever I wanted to head up to the hill.

So this week, join me as I winterize my car for the upcoming season.

I also couldn’t really find any tutorials about changing tires in general (that wasn’t just fixing a flat) , so I figured it was time for YouTube to see my minimal car maintenance skills.


Your nacforadventurer and tire-changing amateur,



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