BIKING IN COSTUME on Levitate trail in Corner Canyon // TESTING NEW grip it GLOVES THAT MATCH MY BIKE

YouTube Video: Biking in Costume // Testing Out My Grip It Gloves That Match My Bike

It’s October! It’s spooky season. Time for Halloween, and it’s time again for Costumes in My Closet.

This series consists of me dressing up in a costume for every day in October, and I decided to take it a step further and go biking while wearing my costume… because why not?

This week, we head to one of my favorite trails, Levitate in Corner Canyon, Utah. It consists of flowy turns, tabletop and gap jumps, as well as a couple of drops.

In this video, we learn more about my recent injuries (not biking related), test out my new Grip It Gloves, go the fastest I’ve ever gone (40MPH according to STRAVA!), and mostly just have a fun time riding a great trail during a very pretty fall day!

Product Links:

Grip It Gloves:

Code: AJ20

Your nacforadventure and costumed bike rider,



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