Grand Targhee Cirque Series + a weekend in the tetons

YouTube Video – Grand Targhee Cirque Series + Weekend in the Tetons

Another Cirque Series has come and gone, and it was yet another reminder that it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite ways to spend time outside.

Pretty much the courses are hike up and run down, and it’s the perfect set up. Plus you get to experience breathtaking views from the top of skis resorts in the summer? Meet up with like-minded individuals? Push your limits in new ways?

Sign me up!

I’m so happy I ended up doing this race after the Snowbird Cirque series race, and that I convinced my new friend Maddi to come along.

I’m excited to share our beautiful little weekend with the latest YouTube video: Grand Targhee Cirque Series + Weekend in the Tetons, where you’ll find a beautiful fall bike ride, partial evidence of Nic’s biggest fish, and a breathtaking sunrise over the Tetons.

Sit back, enjoy, and definitely sign up for a race or two next year!

You nacforadventurer and gal that thought Mary’s was easy compared to hiking it in the winter with skis/ski boots,



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