Ground Keeper Custom & Installation Of A Top Cap, Fender, Frame Protector & Water Bottle Cage

YouTube Video – A Look At Ground Keeper Custom Bike Parts and Installation

This week, we are doing a little different style of YouTube video.

Instead of a vlog, I have created a how-to/installation video of the following Ground Keeper Custom products:

Topcap – Terazzo Dark

Frame Keeper – Clear Matte

Fender – Terazzo Dark

Additionally, I will be installing a water bottle cage to house my new Ground Keeper Custom water bottle.

So whether you are looking for guidance on how to put these items on your own bike or you just need something bike-related and chill in the background while working, take a look at the latest NACFORADVENTURE YouTube Video: A Look At Ground Keep Custom Bike Parts and Installation. We do a quick intro to Ground Keeper Custom, show off my comfy bike outfit for riding and working on bikes, as well as give some tips and tricks on installing your new bike fender.

Your nacforadventurer and newest Ground Keeper Custom ambassador,



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