Go on a hike with me youtube video an intro to the nacforadventure channel

YouTube Video – Go On A Hike With Me: An Intro To The NACFORADVENTURE YouTube Channel

So I made a YouTube….

I’ve loved making videos as long as I remember, and I am definitely victim to some very embarrassing Jenna Marbles-esque parodies that now live on the family computer in a deep file tucked away. But recently, I have also enjoyed small videos to document our bigger vacations and trips.

While I have posted several personal, professional, and educational videos on my personal YouTube channel, I’ve never consistently posted on the video platform.

Since college graduation, Nic and I been able to enjoy the natural world and outdoor sports more and more, and my passion to document and share these adventure has been such a great motivator in creating the life that we want to live.

With the rise of TikTok in the last year, I’ve had an itch to create longer vlog style videos to share on nacforadventure.com.

One long distance convo with Nic and a lot of free time later, I pulled together an intro to the new NACFORADVENTURE YouTube channel, where I hope to share vlogs about a variety of outdoor adventure and sustainable lifestyle topics.

So see below for the first NACFORADVENTURE YouTube Video:

Your nacforadventurer and new YouTuber,



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