advice to anyone that wants to live an adventure lifestyle

Advice To Anyone That Wants to Live An Adventure Lifestyle

“What did you go to school for?”

“Where do you work?”

“What do you do for a living?”

“How do I live an adventurous outdoorsy lifestyle?”

These are the type of questions that any adventure social account receives daily.

I think it’s important to note that social media doesn’t define all aspects of that person’s life. Social media posts are mostly highlights of life.

I personally choose to capture moments that showcase the love and happiness that comes from being outside. While this is who I am and how I present myself, I don’t think it’s as unachievable as social media perceives it to be.

tunnel in moab, utah

And to be honest, I only have two pieces of advice:

Move To An Outdoor Minded Community

Moving to a new place is absolutely terrifying, and it does come with a cost.

However, once you make the jump to live in an outdoor-minded place, the benefits are so worth it.

And the good thing is that there are so many more places with this mindset than you think.

From Vermont on the east coast to Michigan and Wisconsin in the mid-west to pretty much all of the west coast from Colorado to Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Arizona, and everywhere in between.

While I am not as knowledgeable about spots east of Colorado, I know that each state can offer it’s own personal outdoor style. Whether you like surfing in Oregon or horseback riding in Wyoming or even rock climbing in Utah. Find a place that resonates with you and make the move.

Surround Yourself With Like-Minded People

I think the reason that I get outside most often is because of the people around me.

We all like to spend time outdoors.

And it’s a huge motivator and comfort to know that you have people that will be willing to go on adventures (it’s also a huge help if you have similar schedules!).

I think this also doesn’t just have to be physically in person. Follow people with similar styles on Instagram for inspiration.

Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask questions.

Use social media as a tool instead of an inhibitor.

Did you notice that these pieces of advice don’t directly have to do with where you work or how you make a living?

My friends and I live the same lives according to our social posts. We are outside skiing. Hiking. Biking. Climbing. Canyoneering. Camping.

But I’m in sales operations and marketing. My boyfriend’s in customer service. I have friends who are engineers. Friends who sell skis. Friends doing freelance photography. Friends in the corporate world. Interior designers and landscape architects. Friends who serve at restaurants and bars on the weekends. And friends who are going to school.

And we are still out here adventuring together and living our best lives.

Just find something that makes you happy. Try school. Don’t try school. Find a seasonal job. Find a job that works with your schedule. There’s nothing wrong with being a weekend warrior. And nothing wrong with working on the weekends.

Find what makes you happy and good things will follow.

Your nacforadventurer and outdoor community resident,



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