used dakine Brentwood pink jacket

How To Adventure On A Budget

Everyone is down for an adventure. However, sometimes outdoor fun comes with a hefty price tag.

Skiing. Biking. Climbing. Fishing. All of these fun activities that I was fortunate enough to do as a child all cost a pretty penny to get into as an adult.

But if you want it enough, then the memories you experience will be worth the up front costs. If that’s how you want to live your life, then it’s very much worth paying to get the gear.

So let’s check out some ways to adventure on a budget:

walking on a nature trail in hood river, oregon
Believe it or not, this nature trail was just .5 miles away from our house in Hood River, Oregon. It was a simple way to be outside quickly and inexpensively.

Participate In Little To No Cost Activities

Hiking. Picnicing. Running. All of these activities are outside…. and usually little to no cost. As long as you have shoes on your feet. Some clothes. And maybe some PBJ’s or bars to to eat along the way.

Whether it’s an urban hike through a park or heading up a trail in nearby mountains, they all are valid ways on how to adventure. And it’s available to beginners or enthusiasts alike.


used dakine Brentwood pink jacket
I got this jacket from REI used website. It was a good price and in practically perfect condition.

Shop Second-hand

I am not afraid to put this in every single one of my posts. I just want to drill it into your mind.  If you want to get into a new sport or just need to replace worn out gear, shopping second hand is a great way to cut down costs (and amp up your sustainability).

You can find everything from hiking shorts to ski bindings to backpacking backpacks and coats and everything in between.

Search Facebook market place. Your local thrift store. Third party selling apps. Even some businesses like REI have used gear programs. Klymit, the company I work for, has certified refurbished pads that cost way less, and just have a few cosmetic blemishes.

Use thrift shopping to your advantage when looking into something new to you.

klymit sleeping pads
We needed to revamp our camping setup, and once I started working for Klymit, we took the plunge into buying quality gear that we needed to camp efficiently in the future.

Need Not A Want

Once you start, it’s easy to become hooked on shopping for adventure gear, especially in the secondhand realm. But it’s important to check yourself on if it’s a want or a need. While it is okay to spoil yourself, remember that if you want to actually be on a budget, then use your money towards things you need to get instead of want to get.

For example, if you want to save up to buy a pair of skis to replace your busted old ones, don’t spend cash on 2 new puffy coats and 3 new pairs of socks when you already have a perfectly usable pieces in your closet. Try to reduce the amount of multiples, especially clothing-wise, so you can get the more important gear in your set-up.

Full-tilt boots bought off season
I got my Full Tilt boots at a killer summer sale in college. And I am still using them on the mountain.

Shop Off Season

My parents taught me this from the start. It doesn’t mean that I follow it all the time, but it’s something that I am aware of when looking for gear. Shop for ski boots in the summer. Climbing shoes at Christmas time. Major sales are usually going on to get rid of past years models. And on the thrift store side, consignees may be spring cleaning out their old skis and coats once May hits.

I found my ski boots at a summer sale for a killer deal, so I know it works. While it may take some time to adjust your brain to this schedule, it helps get the best bang for your buck.

secondhand north face puffy with a noso patch
This puffy was a $6 find at Savers, but it’s a North Face, which means it’s a high quality brand. Even with a couple dings, it’s still has value and it can be sustained with a simple NOSO patch.

Invest In Quality Gear

Last but not least. If you want to be doing things in the outdoor space, it’s important to invest in quality gear. If you end up loving the activity, that means you have excellent gear that will last. If you end up doing it a couple times, then it’s not doing it for you anymore, then quality gear has a better selling price point.

It’s also makes you more likely to want to repair your gear rather than replacing it. NOSO Patches are a great way to keep your gear working, even when holes from the outdoors appear.

Quality gear also helps reduce the amount of product you might buy in the future, so it truly is an investment for you and for the planet.

Your nacforadventurer and budget adventurer,



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