Instagram Vs. Social Distancing Reality

We have been to some crazy cool places in the past four years….. and right now is the time I’ve been reminiscing on all our fun times thanks to Instagram and my Photos album.

We have traveled to the deserts in Southern Utah and the tall trees of Yosemite National Park and to the mountains of the Wasatch and the forests of the PNW.

So I wanted to share what all those photos look like if they happened right now… while social distancing:

Hiking On Red Rock

First picture was taken just outside Moab, Utah.

Second picture was taken heading back inside our house.

Taking Walks On Roads

First picture taken during golden hour in autumn up Millcreek Canyon, Utah.

Second picture taken in the streets of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Playing In the Snow

First picture taken by Ben Moisen  at Powder Mountain, Utah.

Second picture was taken watching all the Netflix from our living room floor.

Waking Up In A Tent

First picture is from our first overnight camping trip near Mount Hood, Oregon.

Second was after an overnight camp in our bed at home.

Taking Pictures with the Trees

First picture was from a solo fall photoshoot in Neff’s Canyon, Utah with the help of a tree branch.

Second was another solo spring photoshoot with the help from my phone on the TV stand.

Posing In Front of the Mitten

First picture is from the majestic and notable Monument Valley near the border of Arizona and Utah.

Second was in front of mitten from Demon United.

Soaking in Hot Water

First picture was an apres ski soak near Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

The second was an apres work soak in our bathroom.

Enjoying The View From the Subaru

First picture was taken looking out to the Salt Lake.

Second was taken looking out on our driveway from our garage.

Resting My Legs On Wood

First picture is from the Monarch section of Yosemite National Park.

The second is resting my legs on our thrift store front entrance shelf.

Crawling On Trees

First picture was taken on the way to Bear Lake in Utah .

Second was equally hard to balance on our stairs’ banister.

Kayaking In High Walls

First picture was from one of my favorite trips kayaking into the tall walls of Antelope Canyon.

Second was braving the tall walls of the long hall towards my room.

And Finally, Riding A Box

First picture was hitting the park at Brighton Ski Resort.

Second was hitting an Action Packer in the kitchen… arguably sketchier than any box I have ever hit.



I can’t wait to get back to taking fun pictures outside the walls of my house, but until then, let’s get creative.


Your nacforadventurer, and social distancing picture copier,



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