foggy morning re-purposed neck tube from nacforadventure

My Local Utah Ski Gear Picks

Salt Lake City and Utah in general is a fairly well-known destination for outdoor lovers. Combine that with the entrepreneurial spirit of the community, and there’s no surprise that there are so many outdoor-minded brands, both big and small, that reside in Utah.

Some of these places are headquartered, some have branches, but all lead back to the allure of the Utah mountains that everyone wants to be a part of. So let’s check out how I am repping Utah:


Wildhorn Drift Helmet Utah-based ski company
Couples who match together, ski together. Nic and I both sport the Wildhorn Drift helmet with our Smith goggles.

Wildhorn Outfitters

Relationship to Utah: Headquartered in Draper, Utah

Drift Helmet

Why I love the product: It’s a light, low-profile helmet that has protected my head for the past year. It’s easily manipulated into your personal style with removable ear pieces, as well as the ability to combine with the Wildhorn Brand of bluetooth headphones. It’s a fabulous value, and the helmet is able to easily match with goggles that are different brands.

saga oxford pants
While bibs are all the rage right now, I’m super happy with my Saga pants combined with an Arcade belt.

Saga Outerwear

Relationship to Utah: Used to be based in Salt Lake City

Oxford Ski Pants

Why I love the product: So technically, Saga Outerwear is no longer HQ’ed in Salt Lake City after being bought out, but when I ordered my ski pants, they were in SLC. So it still counts. I can still remember the quick shipping time when I lived in Logan, UT. I have the  women’s Oxford pants, and I absolutely love them. They have held up well, even having them for 3 seasons. I wish I would have bought the bibs, but I’ve still stayed cozy and dry. The waist to leg ratio is a little off with my proportions, but with the help of my Arcade belt, they’re able to stay up all day.


Relationship to Utah: Based in Salt Lake City

Demon Mittens- salt lake city utah - local utah brand
My new mittens prevailed on a chilly bluebird day. Plus, they pretty much go with any outfit and can go under or over my coat. sleeves.

Flexmeter Over Mitts

Why I love this product: I’m a mitten gal. Mittens are so cozy, and these ones are no exception. They have the finger separators on the inside for maximum warmth, as well as wrist straps, and two cinchers (one on the fore arm and one on the wrist) to keep in the heat. Demon also has a bunch of awesome protective gear that you can use if you are sending it in the ski park or the bike park.

Black Diamond

Relationship to Utah: Headquartered in Salt Lake City

GlideLite Mix STS Skins in Utah
I got to take out these skins once so far… and, boy, I am so surprised how steep of hills you can tour up using skins on skis.

GlideLite Mix STS Skins

Why I love the product: I got Black Diamond skins for Nic for Christmas last year, and he has loved them. When it came to obtaining the last item in my touring set up, I tried to find the best deal. But I should have stuck with Black Diamond from the get -go. Long story short, I ordered from a lower-priced competitor, and they cancelled my order due to no stock, and they didn’t tell me for a week. I went straight for Black Diamond after that, and I couldn’t be happier. I have only gone on one tour, but they have already proven their worth. Plus, I feel great knowing that I am using gear from this Utah company that’s just down the road from my house.

Atomic Millenium skis
Shiny and new. This is one of the first times I used these skis… back in 2016. They look pretty much the same minus some core shots…..


Relationship to Utah: Winter and Outdoor Americas unit located in Ogden.

Supreme and Millennium Skis

atomic Supreme skis
This picture is from my college graduation, but it can also be traced back to high school graduation…. I’ve had these babies since 2013.

Why I love the product: The two skis that I have owned in the past 6 years (not counting my touring skis that I just got this winter) have been Atomic. I have the Supremes and the Millenniums. The Supreme’s are 87mm underfoot perfect for park and sunny bluebird groomer days, while the Millenniums are my go-to powder and crud skis with 110mm underfoot. This two-ski quiver has lasted me over 6 crushing seasons, and they are still going strong. They fit my freestyle skiing style perfectly, and I keep looking at Atomic for my future skis, but in all reality, the ones that I currently have will be in good shape for a while.

I/OX smith goggles
My I/OX’s have been a hardy goggle. While it’s a little tricky to change the lenses, I have practiced and made almost perfect.

Smith Optics

Relationship to Utah: Warehouse, manufacturing, and customer service facility  in Clearfield

I/OX Goggles and Squad XL Goggles

Why I love the product: these goggles are really hard to beat. It’s easy to see why I can look around and see so many people sporting Smith goggles. They look good, have a goggle profile for every face shape, and have a wide variety of quality lenses. Both styles  work really well with my Wildhorn helmet.

Smith Wildcats Sunglasses
These glasses speak for themselves.

Wildcat Sunglasses

Why I love the product: These colorful glasses are perfect for ski tours, gaper days, and mountain bike rides. Not to mention… just look how fashionable they are.


Relationship: Headquartered in Kaysville

klymit gear duffel 65 liters for skiing
While I wouldn’t take as a pack, it’s a great way to organize shoes and other small pieces of outwear that are staying in the car while you go touring.

Gear Duffel

Why I love the product: This is something I didn’t think we would need, but it perfectly fits two pairs of ski boots (plus mittens, jackets, beacons, etc). We put all our extra items that don’t fit in our touring backpacks so the car doesn’t get cluttered with loose ski boots and pants. While I wouldn’t carry it on my back, it’s a great way to keep the car organized if you’re going touring with a squad.

Vera Luxe Blanket

klymit versa luxe sleeping blanket
Nic’s heated seats aren’t the only thing keeping me warm after touring in snowy conditions. This blanket can fold up nicely into a pillow that fits perfectly on your lap.

Why I love this product: I technically don’t use this product on the ski hill, but the recovery is just as important as the ski day. It’s comfy and the perfect blanket to have in the car for extra coziness on the ride home.


foggy morning re-purposed neck tube from nacforadventure
With the Rosy Cheeks collection, I tried to make multiples of every neck tube…. less fabric wasted, but also so I can keep one for myself! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Relationship to Utah: Based in Utah

Rosy Cheeks Collection

Why I love the product: Shameless plug for the little handmade re-purposed neck tubes that I love to make. They are locally handmade from re-purposed secondhand fabric, so it’s all about sustainability and adventure. For the Rosy Cheeks collection, I decided to make multiples of each fabric because I wanted to be able to keep one, while also being able to share with others. Check them out on the nacstore and use code “nacforadventure” for free shipping (will ship after 3/1 once I get off vacation!). If you don’t see one that you like, I love doing customs… I just made a custom piece for a family friend using a pretty lavender merino wool sweater!

Second Hand

faction skis touring in utah
After scouting Level 9 Sports consistently for a year, I finally bought these babies for a super good deal. They are super light, and they were in excellent condition, even though they were bought once-mounted and secondhand.

Level 9 Sports

Relationship to Utah: retail stores in Millcreek, Downtown Salt Lake City, and Odgen

Why I love this place: I have gotten many things from this place, including, touring boots, base layers, mid layers, hike tanks, retro ski jackets, and even my touring skis. It’s somewhere that you have to constantly be going in to get the best deals, and it’s one of my favorite thrift stores.

Lone Pine Gear Exchange

Relationship to Utah: retail shop in Millcreek

Why I love this place: This is a brand new store that’s close to Level 9 Millcreek. It’s all about being sustainable. They have so many killer deals on ski soft and hard goods. Plus, on top of that, they have a small coffee shop and zero-waste store on the bottom level. They are newer to the community, so if you are in the Salt Lake Area, show them some love.


What local companies are you repping?


Your nacforadventurer and full-time Utah gear wearer,



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