eggplant tacos assembled

Fishless Fish Tacos

Fish tacos are some of the most flavorful and the most colorful foods out there. But one of the reasons that I chose to be a vegan rather than pescatarian is the overfishing of our oceans. Saving Oceans has been an awesome resource for more information on this topic. It helps that they are based in Utah, and they have had some events, as well as easily accessible information through social media.

While burgers and chicken nuggets have been popular items to vegan-ize, I’m excited to see where the fish substitute products go, as this is one of the items that I genuinely enjoyed and quit due to environmental reasons. As said before, I am working on creating more whole food recipes, rather than getting used to buying the popular soy products. So that’s where these tacos come in. We made them from eggplant. It’s a nice white “meat” vegetable, that has a unique flavor. So let’s check out this yummy recipe that was made thanks to

Description: Fishless Fish Tacos made with Eggplant

Diet: Vegan, Soy-free (with soy-free Vegenaise)

Ways to make low-waste: Buy bulk vegetables, get bulk  taco seasoning

Recipes makes: Tacos for 4 people

Prep time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 20 minutes

Put-Together-Time: 1 minute

Total time: 36 minutes



1 Eggplant

1/8 cup taco Seasoning

Small flour tortillas


Red Cabbage

White Cabbage


Olive Oil

Pico de Gallo:


Red Onion


1 tablespoon Taco Seasoning

Lime Juice



Pureed chiptole peppers with adobo sauce

Soy-Free Vegenaise




Cut eggplant into desired shape

cooking eggplant tacos
We cut the eggplant in rectangular prisms to fit into the tacos and have a shredded fish taco feel.

Add to oiled pan

Add taco seasoning and water

Let sit for 15 minutes, stirring periodically.

Fresh tomatoes for pico de gallo
Why buy fresh pico when you can make it low waste by making it yourself. All it takes is a little dicing and chopping… not to mention less

While eggplant is cooking, dice tomatoes, onions and jalapeños.

Combine in large bowl

lime juice in pico de gallo

Add taco seasoning and fresh lime juice

DIY vegan chipotle mayo
Homemade chipotle mayo is addicting. you’re going to want to put it on everything from these fish tacos to burgers to breakfast burritos.

For sauce, combine Vegenaise and chipotle peppers in small bowl

avocado for fishless fish tacos
This avocado isn’t cut perfect, but that doesn’t mean it’s not one of the best toppings on tacos.

Slice avocados and place on plate

shredded red cabbage for fishless fish tacos
This little peeler was a great tool to get the cabbage nice and sliced for the perfect light topping for the small fishless fish tacos.

Shred red cabbage and green cabbage

Slice limes

Assembled eggplant fishless fish tacos
Half the fish tacos are the yummy toppings: Try red cabbage, pico de gallo and avocado to keep it colorful. Also try: corn salsa, cowboy caviar, or mango salsa.

Assemble tacos with toppings of your liking

Enjoy the rainbow of flavors and combination of textures.


Thanks again to Saving Oceans for educating the public about the ocean conservation, as well as Hannah Nelson and Pete Markel for hosting this delicious dinner and helping find my new love for eggplant tacos.

Your full-time plant eater and new eggplant taco maker,


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