snowflake ring from @wander.fuel

Gifts For The Sustainable Person In Your Life

Christmas is really hard to be low-waste. There’s endless single-use decorations for one-day parties, non-recyclable gift wrapping, and not to mention, a feeling that you need to go out and buy the perfect present for every person in your life. And that stuff adds up.

Capitalism is at an all-time high in the last three months of the year, but that doesn’t mean that you have to absolutely boycott the holidays. So I have laid out some gift ideas for the person in your life that is all about sustainability.

movie theater seats
Buying experiences >>> buying physical things

Movie Gift Card

This is an experience. It’s about what you do with your time instead of what you have in your house. You’re basically buying them memories, which pretty much the most sustainable thing you can buy. Extra points if it’s an e-gift card, because that means that it’s absolutely no waste, which will make your loved one have a guilt-free holiday.

Pretty much any experience can work as well…. bowling, dinner, the theatre, wine tasting, or even a cooking class.

jean jacket thrifted gift
Jean jackets look good on pretty much everyone… and they make a great thrifted gift.

Thrift Store Find

Nothing is more of a show of love than putting in extra effort and finding a one-of-a-kind piece from your favorite thrift store. Whether it’s a $5 tee of their favorite band or TV show, their favorite brand name item of clothing, or a funky statement piece, it’s all one of the best tangible gifts you can give. 

Don’t forget to wash it and include a note of why you thought it was perfect just for them. If you want a quicker way to search, check out sites like Poshmark!

snowflake ring from @wander.fuel
My friend Zoe is a local jeweler in Salt Lake City, and she makes the cutest rings… including her new winter line of snowflakes. Not only are you buying a quality item, but it helps support a small business. Check her out on Instagram @wander.fuel

Something Locally Made

A gift that comes from a sustainable local brand can also be the gift that keeps on giving. Usually locally-made products are small businesses or might just be a single person, so the money from your gift can help the vendor pay some bills, buy their kiddos or family members some gifts, or reinvest into their company.

If in Salt Lake City, check out Animalia. It has a collection of fantastic low-waste items made by lots of different people. Other local artists include: @wander.fuel and @hannah_maed

Also stoked to have recently launched the newest page on #nacforadventure where you can view and purchase ski buffs handmade from thrifted shirts! All are under $13 or under and they are the perfect gift for the sustainable skier in your life.

Include a card with the brand’s name and help spread the love.

photo album sustainable gift
Picture albums are easy to make, include a physical item, and a dash of memories.

Something Handmade By You

Whether you’re crafty or not, something handmade shows a lot of love. You are pretty much giving them your time wrapped up into a little physical item.

It can be as simple as a recycled picture frame with a couple extra added decorations (with a picture of you two). Or maybe a recipe book of your favorite plant-based meals. Or you can get real crafty and knit a scarf. Sew a pillowcase. Craft some earrings. Make a soap bar or bath bomb. There are so many choices, and it can easily be altered for every person on your list.

Spending time with family are friends is the best holiday gift
Make an effort to spend time with your loved ones (and friends who may not be able to visit their family). You’ll have a great time, and it helps create a sense of gratitude.

Nothing But Your Company

….And maybe a bottle of wine or a 6 pack of KYLA along with it (check out my list of vegan wines here)

As I have gotten older, I have realized that I want less stuff and more company. There is truly no better present than spending your time with friends or family. It can be time spent every weekend year round. Around the holidays. Or every month or so. Just a small amount of time can do the trick.

Just bring along yourself. Maybe a game. Or a movie. Include some snacks or some booze if you would like… it doesn’t take much.


I hope this list makes you think twice about buying gifts for someone who may have an anxious mind when it comes to sustainability… especially around the holidays. Wrap it up in reused/recyclable gift wrapping (some fabric, an old paper grocery bag, or newspaper), and it’s the whole package. Whatever it is, acknowledging their passion for creating a low-waste life is honestly one of the best gifts that you could ever give.


Your full-time plant-eater and sustainable gift-giver,





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