Drinking KYLA Kombucha in the Moab desert.

5 Things To Do To Leave No Trace




This is a HUGE IMPORTANT MOVEMENT as playing outside is becoming more popular. Now that the natural environment is less of a threat due to modern technology, people are realizing that nature is a great place for recreation. And thanks to social media and word of mouth, places on this beautiful Earth are getting more and more attention. But this also comes with some bad.

Some people don’t know how to treat the natural environment. It doesn’t come from a disrespect of nature, but rather a lack of education.

Popular places are spreading through social, so why not spread a movement about what it means to preserve the Earth:

Learn about the area:

Salt Lake City has watersheds, so it’s important that no dogs are allowed in certain areas. And water ways are also off limits to swimming and wading. Knowing certain aspects of an area are extremely helpful:

  • Is it dog friendly?
  • Is swimming allowed?
  • Do I have to have a permit?
  • Can I overnight camp?
Prince of Wales Mining Trail Hike
Hiking in Big Cottonwood Canyon in Salt Lake City means you are in the Salt Lake City Watershed, so domesticated animals and swimming are prohibited.

Watch Where You Step

Southern Utah is full of biological soil crust. It’s a beautiful living layer on top of the dirt that can be harmed even with a simple step. Keeping on trail should be a priority when playing outside:

  • Stay off restoration areas
  • Don’t take short-cuts on switchbacks (stop rushing and enjoy the outdoors)
  • Park only in marked spots
  • Camp on open surfaces
hiking in Antelope Canyon
Antelope canyon usually requires a permit and tour guide unless you enter via the water, and hike through the canyon.

Pack It In And Pack It Out

Litter is one of the saddest things I see outside. This one if pretty simple. Just take what you brought, and Mother Nature will thank you. It also pertains to organic waste such as fruit and veggie scraps .

  • Bring a designated garbage bag
  • Clean up after your dog
  • Know human waste protocol for the area
Drinking KYLA Kombucha in the Moab desert.
KYLA Kombucha is hard, but packing out your trash isn’t.

Don’t Take Things You Find

Pack in and pack out only what you have. Especially in Native American historical areas.

  • Take pictures as souvenirs
  • Do not create cairns

Respect Other Adventurers

The Earth does not belong to you. You belong to the Earth. Know that you are here temporarily. Enjoy it, but also let others enjoy it.

  • Be weary of blasting music
  • Yield to uphill hikers
  • Give polite acknowledgments
  • Enjoy the Earth with fellow humans
Horseshoe bend at sunset
You for sure won’t be the only one at Horseshoe bend at sunset. Take a deep breath, and respect others that will be at the site.

The best thing is that there are so many more resources for how to leave no trace. THIS MOVEMENT EVEN HAS A FULL-ON FUNCTIONING WEBSITE. Check them out here for more in depth conversations about how to Leave No Trace.

Til your next Leave No Trace adventure,



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