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Eco-Conscious Beauty Routine


As I have switched to a more eco-conscious way of eating, I have also noticed myself using the same process in other aspects of my life…. including when buying beauty products. Beauty standards are all over the place and ever-changing these days, but if I personally feel like I look good, then I feel good. I’ve told myself that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to be beautiful, but it’s also good to keep the Earth beautiful (I know, cliché….) Check out what has personally worked for me. Also note that, just like backpacking, it’s good to have products that are multi-use. 



Apple Cider Vinegar 

When I was looking for a way to get rid of dry scalp and dandruff in the winter, good ole apple cider vinegar was a highly recommended natural product for restoring the PH balance of your scalp. Plus most Apple cider vinegar comes in recyclable glass bottles and can be used in food recipes. I definitely don’t do this often just because it can dry out your hair if overused.

Tip: Dilute with water according to how sensitive your skin isbecause it can be a real irritant on your face skin (I found that out fast). 


Coconut Oil Mask

Face masks shouldn’t get all the glory. I have personally loved coconut oil vs other masks like ones using egg yolks because it’s plant based! I personally can get it at my local Harmons in bulk. 

Tip: Only do the ends, and make sure to rinse out well to ensure soft hair, not oily hair. 


Bulk Shampoo/Conditioner

Shampoo bars have been a huge eco-conscious switch for some people. However, I have found shampoo bars to be extremely drying for my hair. Plus, the absence of eggs, collagen and gelatin in my diet has caused my hair to have less shine, so I’ve been on the search for cleansing AND moisturizing hair shampoo and conditioner. 

Tip: find bulk stores like Animalia in Salt Lake City that have beauty and cleaning items available in bulk. 



Apple Cider Vinegar Toner 

Surprise surprise, apple cider vinegar makes another appearance for health and beauty. As I have been on the search to natural cure pimples, I have been led to apple cider vinegar… which is already in my fridge, so that’s helpful. I have tested it out for only a couple days and have seen a smoother complexion on my forehead (which has a bad case of acne from wearing hats). 

Tip: dilute with water and use like a toner or quick mask in both the morning and night, wipe off, and then follow with moisturizer. Make sure to test before going all out!!


Blume Meltdown Oil 

I have been following these guys on Instagram for a hot minute, and once I had a bad case of acne, I finally bought this stuff after reading so many raving reviews. While it may not have worked for me instantly, my skin has slowly been getting better after consistently using it for a couple weeks. It’s made of all-natural oils, and also smells really good

Tip: use as a spot treatment or I also combine with sunscreen or face lotion for an all-over use


Vitamin C Serum

My mom loves Vitamin C serum. She strongly believes in preventative skin care, and I use hers every time I go home, and now I have added it to my routine. I usually find them at TJMaxxs in little glass pump bottles (that I reuse for other beauty products)

Tip: Mix with Blume Meltdown oil as an all-over face serum



Charcoal Toothpaste

Looking for a natural toothpaste and zero waste has been easy thanks to Animalia. I’ve got the Nelson Natural Activated Charcoal Toothpaste. It definitely gets some getting used to. For one, it’s a dip and brush method rather than a squeeze and brush method. It’s also a different consistency. It’s not as thick and creamy, especially once it starts mixing with your spit… Lastly, it’s messy. Not only is it the color of charcoal, but the consistency really lets it get all over the place and you kinda look like a demon from hell. But on the plus side, your teeth look pearly white against the black charcoal. 

Tip: don’t rinse your toothbrush like you would normally do between spitting because the mixture gets so thin. 


Bamboo Toothbrush 

Nothing goes better with charcoal tooth paste than a bamboo toothbrush. 

Tip: buy them locally instead of ordering online because less packaging. 



Cream Deodorant 

Yet another item from Animalia in Salt Lake City called Meow Meow Tweet. I understand some smaller towns may not have access to eco-friendly shops, look for deodorant that doesn’t use a lot of plastic (or any!). Creams definitely are a little weird because you have to smear it over your armpits with your hands instead of the stick swipe. Plus, know that switching deodorants will always have a transition period. Make sure to really give the deodorant a chance (a little over two weeks or even three weeks) to get your body adjusted before saying that it doesn’t work with your body. Yes, I did have to carry around essential oils for a little bit to mask my smell for a little bit, but now, the deodorant is starting to mix better with my body, and it’s actually working. When in doubt, find some smaller eco-friendly shops online and support them.

Tip: get the little glass jar and find places to refill it. Don’t forget to find a smell you really like. 


Refillable Razor 

One of my latest beauty changes has been not shaving my legs.I’m not quite ready to stop shaving my armpits (sorry not sorry, it makes me feel beautiful to have hairy legs but not hairy armpits). It has also has made me more confident and saved me lots of time and money. I know that it’s someone’s personal choice whether they shave or not but know that refillable razors are a lot more eco-friendly than disposable ones. Invest it up front. In the end, you’ll probably spend less on refills.

Tip: Coconut oil makes a good shaving cream. 



Tea tree/Vitamin E Oil Brows 

I swear by The RapidBrow eyebrow serum. I am a victim of overplucked brows in highschool, so trying to grow them back has been a chore. The RapidBrow stuff works super well, but again, I was looking for a more natural and less wasteful (it’s so easy to order the $26 stuff on amazon that comes in a huge package). So I have come to using another of my multi-use products, a Tea Tree and Vitamin E Oil combo that comes in a little glass bottle from TJMaxx. Not only can I mix it with my Blume Oil to make a face serum, I can also use an old (washed!) mascara wand to spread and massage it into my eyebrows. 

Tip: Wash out an old mascara tube and put this stuff in there to have it ready and easily available. 


Eyebrow Wax

Can you tell that eyebrows have been my main focus lately? Now that they’ve been growing, I’ve been wanting them to stay put during the day. I again, got this wax in the cutest little tin at Animalia from Nudi Lion. I know for sure it’s gonna last me so much longer than any eyebrow gloss in a plastic tube. 

Tip: use an old mascara wand and mix with Tea Tree/Vitmain E Oil combo for the day look


Salt & Stone Sunscreen

My mom never really taught me anything about beauty except wear sunscreen on your face and hands That’s all she asks. So, sunscreen is very important to me on a day to day basis, especially when I am doing any sort of outdoor activity. I have recently loved Salt & Stone sunscreen because it has reef-safe ingredients. While they still have plastic containers, it’s lasted me a long time because it’s a lot thicker and zinc-ier, so I can use less and get better results. 

Tip: check out TJMaxx, because I have found them their for like $2. 

Lip Paint

Okay last item from Animalia called Fat and the Moon. I literally just got it today, and I’m so excited because I’ve had my eye on it forever. It’s a super orange lip paint( called clay idol) , but you can used it for anything. Blush. Eye shadow. Lipstick. Not to mention it’s super pigmented, so it’s gonna last me a hot minute. Again, it’s an investment upfront (but very comparable in price to middle and high end makeup at ultra), and this one has less of an environmental cost.

Au Natural 

I have embraced my natural look now that my skin is looking better and my eyebrows are growing. I have tried to finish my bottle of mascara and use my tinted Salt Stone Sunscreen as a sort of foundation if I absolutely need it. I am for sure saving up for more low waste makeup (like mascara ) from Animalia though… because why not.

Tip: feel beautiful in your own skin. Follow people who embrace their natural look on social media, and know that you are an absolute gem no matter how much or how little makeup you wear. 


I know that everyone’s skin, body, and preferences are different, but these little beauty switches have definitely made me feel more confident about my looks, as well as my impact on the environment without having to skimp on modern luxuries. And I seriously cannot urge you enough to go check out Animalia if you live in the Salt Lake area, as well as look at Blume for their Meltdown oil. 


Your full-time plant-eater and full-time eco-friendly body-positivity advocate, 




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  1. Well I think all my makeup has been worn off by blowing my nose incessantly. wiping my weeping eyes and not putting lipstick on after 0700. I get weird about lipstick . After I have a virus, cold, I dump it. I suppose I could cut it down? Germs…they are a menace to me


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