Graduation Anniversary: What I Have Learned

I’ve been looking at snapchat and instagram stories of my friends at USU, and I can’t believe how fast college graduation has came up. Like what? That was just me walking across the stage. I swear last week I was finishing up my school projects, and having the realization that I am done with my Bachelor’s. Hell, despite the lack of homework, I still am trying to tell myself that I am officially a graduated adult living the work life.

So let’s take a look at things that I have learned in the past year.

Adult Time Is A Thing

This year has felt like a week and also a year all in one. That’s not even close to being possible, but adult time goes by with a blink of an eye, while also packing it with a bunch of memories. Each year seems to be going by faster and faster.

“Gap” Years are Amazing.

Okay so technically I’m not really taking a gap from work, but I gave myself a year to go and try things that I felt that I needed to try. From moving to a totally new area without a job, to working at my home ski resort, to moving to a familiar area without a job, I learned so many different skill sets that helped me land a sweet job with a rad company.

In my interview with Klymit, I owned up to the fact that my resume was all over the place (I included my time as a ski instructor for a Sales Operation Data Specialist position… lol), and it honestly paid off. They appreciated the fact that I took a year to go do whatever my (and Nic’s) heart desired.

I wanted to be real. I would rather give an example of who I am as a person, than my experience as an Event Specialist with a Marketing company.

Take The Job That Makes You Scream With Excitement When You Get The Offer

This especially pertains to my past month. Moving to SLC was a hard decision for me because I was leaving my ski resort job prematurely. I hate not finishing things, but I wanted to be Nic, and honestly, it’s easier to get a job when you are in the physical location.

I literally got a job offer from a marketing firm one week after I applied with them, but it didn’t get me excited. I got more excited about an email back from Klymit about setting up an interview than I did about receiving that job. When it came down to it, I had two options. A higher paying sales position or Klymit. And I chose the one that made my scream and laugh (for like 10 minutes in a room by myself) at an email telling me I got the job.

The Small Things Matter

This is the most cliche thing ever, but I wanted to end with the littlest things that I have learned in the past year:

Picking a dentist sounds a lot like pointing to one on the map that’s closest to your work (that accepts your insurance, of course)

Making the time to prepare breakfast and lunch really helps keeps budgets from going over

Trying to schedule something with graduated adults is like herding cats

Classy living room decorations look a lot like wine bottles and branches from your tree outside (because it is)

Glee’s best season was the second season

There’s lots of good random movies on Netflix

Traveling four hours isn’t that bad if you are motivated to do something you like (skiing)

Thrift store paintings are not haunted (this one may be iffy)

Reverse commutes are about the best thing

IKEA is totally a day date

Walking places is underrated, and everyone should do it more

Klymit’s pad are absolutely amazing for side sleepers

Find what makes you appreciate life, and do more of it


Til the next adventure,





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