A Skier Gal’s Guide to Fashion

Working at a ski resort has really changed my fashion sense.

I used to be that girl that wore dresses every day and literally didn’t wear the same outfit twice my whole senior year of high school.

Then fast forward to the college sorority woman that was either super dressed up for meeting/ presentations or in leggings and sweaters.

And now, I define my style as the hiker/skier chic with a mix of a little retro (thanks to mom and dad’s hoarding of clothes). Not to mention I have moved like four times in the past year, so half of my wardrobe is in boxes or duffles

So let’s check out some of my closet staples for the winter:


Thank god that girls are allowed to walk around in their long underwear and it’s totally acceptable. Seriously the best ’cause you can go from skiing to dinner to a party and all it takes is an easy change of an under layer to a tunic to make you comfy and cute. I personally love my dark grey and black leggings. Especially my Girlfriend Collective ones that are ethically made from recycled bottles! Tied for second are my merino wool SmartWool leggings with a zipper pocket on the lower back.


Dad Jeans

Yeah, you heard that right. Like the perfect mix of mom jeans and boyfriend jeans. High-waisted, not-so-tight, and worn in. I have been craving wearing jeans because most of my work days consist of the legging-snow pant combo.

Wide-Brim Hat

I got a Pistil Soho hat and it has been my best friend since October. It’s the best way to hide my three-day hair, while also looking like a classy lass.

IMG_6297 (1).JPG

More hats

I hate the day after shower day because my hair is too nice to not wear a hat…. but I love hats so I usually just wear it over my shiny clean hair anyways. Beanies, headbands, truckers, 5-panels, the list goes on. Extra points if they are corduroy or older than you.




Active Pants




I don’t mean a skimpy bikini. If you’re venturing to hot springs straight from the hill, the best bet is Venture Swim. It’s basically a sports bra and underwear. It stays put, plus it’s cute and reversible.



I LOVE MY JEAN OVERALL SKIRT. I know technically it’s a dress rather than overall pants, but they are jean AND they have a chest pocket (perfect for a KYLA can). But most of all, I can literally put them over the leggings and shirt I wore skiing and I am instantly transformed.


Jean Jacket

okay, my last jean item on the list…. (no promises). Jean jackets can make an outfit look so much more put-together. Are you sensing a theme? One or two staple items can dress up whatever you wear hiking, skiing, or even sleeping in….



Vintage or Ski Tees

Preferably baggy for comfort when mixed with leggings. Add the wide-brim hat and jean jacket you instantly feel/look cool but also comfy and relaxed.


Funky Sunglasses

While most winter days aren’t directly sunny, I think sunglasses are such a good way to define yourself to the outside world…… And it’s a plus that they protect your eyes. I never have really invested in sunglasses because I always break or lose them. But I have finally chosen Smith Wildcats…. highly suggest because they look so cool and retro, and I can wear them skiing because of the goggle style.



You know exactly what I’m talking about. Heavy duty, warm, and getting more and more stylish.


Besides the sunglasses and Prana pants, all of these items were acquired from my parents or purchased through thrift stores, whether online like Poshmark  (feel free to message me on instagram to get $5 in the Poshmark app for signing up ) or in-store like Plato’s or outdoor specific secondhand stores. This helps you save money, but also helps keep clothes in rotation rather than in landfills.

At the same time, wear what you want/feel comfortable in because at the end of the day, it’s mostly covered by all your ski clothes.

pic by: Ben Moisen

Til the next adventure,








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