Disaster Turned New Favorite Vegan Black Bean Dip

This Christmas, my inspiration for plant-based eating (the bro) gave me his own cookbook of his best vegan recipes. One of my favorite things is that we are eye to eye about the degree we follow recipes: aka we don’t. So I decided to take one of his recipes and make it into my own: Black Bean Taquitos. black bean taquito recipes

Prep time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 10 minutes

Put-together time: you’ll see

Total time: 15 minutes


Black Beans


Anaheim Pepper


Chipotle Pepper Sauce






Corn tortillas


Finely chop onion, Anaheim peppers, spinach

Brown onions and peppers in pot

Add in soy- rizo and black beans with some the water from the bean can

Mash beans, then add spices and spinach


Warm corn tortillas

Scoop beans onto middle of the bean tortilla

Roll up the tortilla and watch as it totally just falls apart

black bean taquitos

Get mad and not take any pictures

Realize that any Mexican food is good food

Say f*** it and have a nice bean dip and homemade salsa in an Earth Balance container and thank your stars for the yummy plant-based grub



Your part-time plant eater,






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