Lake Chelan In A Weekend

Lake Chelan Vacation

You’d probably think 12.5 hours of driving one way would be crazy for a weekend. You’d be right, but that’s what makes it fun.

Last weekend we ventured from Logan to Lake Chelan for the weekend for a family reunion, and boy, was it beautiful. Not only were there amazing views, but the vibes of the small town would be worth it to go back.

Lake Chelan Paddling

One of the best things about the little town was that it had little beachy lake town feels…. but it was surrounded by amazing hills and mountains… what more could you ask for.

Also, the amazing wine country. According to this site, Washington is amazing for planting grapes for wine because of the climate and soil… who knew! But wine tasting is definitely a must. You can get great views and great wine. You kinda have to just drive along the lake and pick one. We happened to pick Caireas winery, which is French inspired wine in Washington… we went to France just to come back and get French-inspired wine in Washington. It was amazing nonetheless.  It had a local and friendly feel and sold lots of other great wine-related products too (also waived the wine tasting fee if you bought wine)! If you want to feel fancy with French-inspired wine-of-the-month clubs, check out their website here.

Lake Chelan Falls

Lake Chelan Falls (pictured above) has some of the bluest waters we have ever seen. As soon as we took these pictures, a huge fire started like right behind us… so just remember to watch out for ways that you can prevent fires in beautiful areas like this.

The way home was great.. we just could take our time and so we stopped at Palouse Falls. It’s basically a huge waterfall in the middle of nowhere, so bring water and get ready to hike down… seriously so worth it. It was hard to find the way to get down because technically they don’t have marked trails down to the falls. If you want to go, head to the dirt road that heads up the river, then go to the Upper Falls and hook back to the actual falls. The trails are steep, so be prepared with good shoes (we did it in Chacos) and get ready to use ropes to lower yourself down. Going down is honestly a lot harder than going up. Take a dip in the pool below the large waterfall, take some pics and enjoy the view most people wouldn’t dare hike to.

Palouse Falls

Palouse Falls

Also, don’t forget to camp in the Oregon forests. There’s plenty of places to camp right alongside the highway close to Umatilla National forest. We even got to spend the night in our amazing new Tentsile hammock tent!

Tensile Tent

Our next big adventure we head to Big Sur, Pfeiffer State Park, Sequoia National Park, plus more… stay tuned.

Until then, find your #nacforadventure.


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