the drop out mountain bike trail session video blue flowy trail

YouTube Video: The Drop Out MTB Session

Welcome back to another MTB session with NACFORADVENTURE.

This week, we head up to a little higher elevation with one of the first mini enduro trail that I ever rode. With banked turns, rock hits, and small doubles, the Drop Out is a local spot that attracts enduro and flow mountain bikers.

It is also one of the stages on a mini-enduro women’s bike race that I am competing in June … so stay tuned for a vlog and recap!

Despite windy conditions, we were able to enjoy a couple laps in on this trail, while also gearing up for the race in a couple of weeks.

Check out the Drop Out trail if you love a lowkey blue square flow trail with a couple exciting twists and jumps along the way. The banked turns will have you hopping and hollering, while the quick uphill will make you want to run a couple laps….

Your nacforadventurer and bike school drop out,



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